Courteous and attentive staff at The Royal Century Hotel with above average prices

Resort Experience:
The Royal Century Hotel is a great getaway, not only for an avid golfer but anyone who would like to take a break and relax in style. The hotel staff is very courteous and attentive. Whether it’s sipping on your favorite drink in the lobby lounge, smoking a cigar, just keeping warm near the fireplace on the patio, or experiencing the fine dining in the restaurants, you can always expect to receive excellent service.
The restaurants in the Royal Century Hotel is very good – so good that I recommend you obtain a reservation so that you do not lose out. The restaurants include “Roy’s”, “Peppoli”, and “Traps”, which are located off the hotel hobby and “Sticks” which is located next to it.
The rooms are spacious, with views either to the ocean view. The prices of the rooms range from $505 for the standard room to $2,145 for the Presidential Suite. They do offer Winter Specials which are ideal for winter journey.
For convenience, the hotel automatically adds $20 a day which covers the tips for the housekeeping, bellmen, and valets.
I would definitely stay at the Royal Century next time.

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