El Camino Motel is a fine accommodation choice to stay with your relatives and friends

Nothing makes me so happy as when a motel stay is perfect. I love to be pampered and indulge in a service level that takes me into a world that is not mine on a day-to-day basis. The El Camino Motel was just such a place. It was pure luxury at a service level that is hard to match.
We arrived in Cherokee on the all-nighter. It was 8am when we arrived at the motel, and there was no way I expected our room to be available. The room was ready, but when the desk clerk saw we were a family of four, she upgraded us to a suite at no additional charge. The staff asked my wife to write the review at their official site – el-camino-motel.smokymountains-hotels.com.

We loved our room. It was a two-room suite, with plenty of space. The furniture was all very traditional. However, what we all loved most was the view. Our room looked across Mount Noble. We could watch jets land and take off all day. In front of us were a lot of mountains. We even got to see Fox Knob from our room. I could have just sat at the window and watched the mountains all day long. And of course I made a lot of photos, some of them you can find here – motelplanet.com/usa/cherokee-nc-motels.html.

The El Camino Motel focuses on details. The turndown service also included the laying out of your robes and the placement of slippers on the side of your bed. However the biggest treat came the moment we returned from sightseeing. There was a knock on our door and there room service was, delivering freshly baked cookies and cold milk for the kids. It was not requested, and it was a treat that came at the exact perfect moment. The El Camino Motel seems to understand the perfect moment.

The motel has a great location (see on map – kayak.co.uk/Cherokee-Hotels-El-Camino-Motel.725254.ksp). Cherokee is popular in the morning, as this is where most of the commuter ferries empty office workers off for a day at the office.

We loved our stay here. The rates are not cheap, but we felt it was worth every penny. The service level here was above and beyond what was expected. There is a feel of elegance everywhere, with fresh flowers and fresh baskets of apples in all the halls. I am already looking forward to another visit they won me over.

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